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For more than 12 years Tammy and Dan McNally

have been inviting friends and family to join them at their private farm to experience farm life and learn from the variety of animals they have rescued. 

Their beautiful residence in the country has hosted many family celebrations and birthday parties for their 3 daughters over the years in addition to many summers of fun filled activities like Horse Camp for their friends.

Now, at the encouragement of those who have been inspired by their visits to the land, Animal Rescue Teaching for Any Level of Level of Learner has opened our gates to the community so that the animals can be enjoyed and learned from by all.


Our goal is to allow more and more people to visit the farm and participate in activities that teach respect for the rescued animals, safety in the farm environment, creative expression, and an appreciation of the outdoors.

Animal Rescue Teaching for Any Level of Learner became an officially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on September 5, 2015. 

The mission of Animal Rescue Teaching for Any Level of Learner is to provide an educational farm experience for people, young and old.


Every person learns responsibility at their level of ability despite age or possible personal difficulties. 

Animal Rescue Teaching for Any Level of Learner​

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